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Bohdan Hedz

Town officials and residents celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day with ceremony

by Aug 25, 2022
Riverhead Town officials and Ukrainian residents gathered on the lawn of Town Hall this afternoon to celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day, as the fight to keep the country's independence continues to rage in Eastern Europe.

As war rages on, Riverhead Ukrainian church continues to collect donations and ships around 300 pounds per week

by Jun 2, 2022
As the battle to deter a Russian invasion from Ukraine continues across the Atlantic, St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Riverhead is shipping roughly 300 pounds of donations a week from the local community to Ukraine, according to church pastor, Rev. Bohdan Hedz.

‘Who will tell our story?’ Holocaust survivor’s daughter, Ukrainian priest discuss war and genocide in Ukraine, from Stalin and Hitler to...

by May 5, 2022
On Sunday, two people with deep ancestral roots in the same region of Ukraine — one the American-born daughter of a Jewish survivor of Nazi genocide, the other a Ukrainian immigrant and Catholic priest — came together in a Riverhead synagogue to share their perspectives on evil, persecution, senseless violence, survival and resilience.