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Calverton Manor

A 17-year legal battle over the 2003 comprehensive plan comes to an end

by Feb 4, 2021
Calverton Manor and the Town of Riverhead have signed a stipulation discontinuing the two lawsuits brought by the Smithtown developer in an effort to overturn the town's 2003 comprehensive plan and the zoning adopted to implement it.

State’s high court rejects challenge to Riverhead’s 2003 master plan — but Calverton Manor’s quest is not yet ended

by Jul 14, 2020
The state’s highest court has declined to hear Calverton Manor’s appeal of a lower court decision dismissing its challenge to the Riverhead master plan. But the developer's claim that the town intentionally stalled its application remains on the lower court's trial calendar.

Smithtown developer renews pitch for 135-unit assisted living facility in Calverton

by Jun 13, 2019
The developer discussed the proposed 22,000-square-foot facility with the Greater Calverton Civic Association last night.

Town mulls renewed proposal for assisted living facility in Calverton

by Sep 20, 2018
The owner of land at the corner of Manor Road and Route 25, which has been in litigation with the town for more than a decade, is proposing to settle all claims with an agreement that would allow the development of a three-story assisted living facility, requiring a change of zone on the property.

Riverhead master plan and key zoning codes upheld by appellate court

by Jun 6, 2018
Riverhead Town's 2003 master plan and key zoning codes aimed at protecting agricultural lands and preventing commercial sprawl have been upheld by a state appeals court in actions brought more than a decade ago by Calverton Manor, which sought to build 155,000 square feet of retail on the corner of Manor Road and Route 25 in Calverton.

After developer loses seven-year legal battle, an appeal and a new plan: senior rental apartments and assisted living

by Jun 13, 2016
After filing an appeal of a trial court decision rejecting his lawsuit, a Smithtown developer Vincent DeCanio is pitching a new settlement proposal, this time one that would allow him to build 100 rental apartments for seniors and 35 assisted living units.