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Daniel Preston

Catsimatidis still pursuing Luminati EPCAL deal, according to his spokesperson

The billionaire businessman's representative was critical of the town's slow pace and negotiating posture.

Move to cancel letter of intent with Luminati loses third vote: After meeting, Dunleavy now advocates ‘another chance’

Luminati CEO Daniel Preston held one-on-one meetings with three council members today. The meeting changed Councilman John Dunleavy's mind about canceling the town's letter of intent wth the Calverton aerospace startup.

Luminati has a new partner: billionaire businessman John Catsimatidis

The billionaire grocery store and petroleum company mogul says he has deep roots and interest in aviation, and is very excited by Luminati’s development plans at the Calverton Enterprise Park.

Town board majority now favors pulling the plug on Luminati deal

Council members Tim Hubbard, Jodi Giglio and John Dunleavy say the town should cancel the letter of intent Riverhead Town signed with Luminati Aerospace in April.

Luminati CEO was fired for alleged fraud in 2009 by former aerospace company he founded, according to lawsuit

Daniel Preston, who founded Luminati Aerospace in 2015 and is looking to buy the Town of Riverhead's land in the Calverton Enterprise Park, was fired by the previous aerospace company he founded in 2001 after he sold a controlling interest in the company to investors.

Luminati CEO declares former Grumman Plant Six ‘operational’ at public ceremony

The Calverton aerospace start-up announced commencement of operations at a public event Friday, in the absence of its previously heralded 'dream team' or the 'Team Stratos' it promised to introduce.

Luminati will bring defense aerospace industry back to Calverton — as it brings internet to remote regions of the world

Luminati's ultralight aircraft, capable of perpetual flight — being developed to bring internet connectivity to unserved regions of the world — also has "obvious" military applications for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance purposes. The company, now readying to move into a much larger facility at EPCAL, will seek defense contracts, its founder said.

Luminati ‘dream team’ makes pitch for runway at former Grumman site

Aeronautical engineer Daniel Preston has plans to return the Long Island aerospace industry to its former place of glory from the Calverton site that was once its epicenter.