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Highway department

Riverhead’s loose leaf pickup delayed to January

by Nov 24, 2021
Riverhead Town will conduct loose leaf pickup in January, after a new highway superintendent takes the helm, according to a notice posted on the town website this afternoon.

Court orders Riverhead highway superintendent to plow Oak Hills roadways

by Jan 11, 2019
A State Supreme Court judge this week ordered the Riverhead Town highway superintendent to plow the "roadways" in the Oak Hills community in Baiting Hollow, the subject of ongoing litigation between the homeowners association, the highway superintendent and the town board.

To avoid last winter’s salt crisis, Riverhead highway department is taking extra precautions this year

by Dec 2, 2015
After Riverhead nearly ran out of salt for its roads last winter, the highway department is taking extra precautions this year to keep the salt barns supplied through the winter months.

Snow, fatigue, frustration take toll on highway crews, public; warmup ahead means thaw-freeze pattern will keep scarce salt supplies in high...

by Mar 6, 2015
A warming trend in the days ahead will gradually melt the snowpack, but freezing nighttime temperatures will make for icy roadways, worrying some officials about already-scant salt supplies.
2013 0210 highway yard

After today’s melt, icing conditions tonight; highway department low on salt

by Feb 22, 2015
Riverhead highway superintendent cautions against unnecessary travel tonight , as department's salt supply too low to treat many icy roads across town. Only the town's main roads will be salted tonight, Woodson says.