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M&T Bank

Holiday weekend is ‘transition weekend’ for People’s United, which will reopen as M&T Bank next Tuesday

by Aug 30, 2022
New signs went up today at the People's United branch on West Second Street in Riverhead in preparation for People's transitioning to M&T Bank come this weekend.

M&T Bank’s acquisition of People’s United to close in early April

by Mar 17, 2022
M&T has obtained all regulatory approvals for its acquisition of People's United in an all-stock transfer valued at $7.6 billion. The closing is expected to take place on or about April 1.

M&T Bank to acquire People’s United Bank

by Mar 25, 2021
People’s United Bank, which acquired Riverhead-based Suffolk County National Bank in 2017, will be acquired by M&T Bank in a deal valued at approximately $7.6 billion.

Hudson City Savings Bank will merge with M&T Bank next week: What’s coming to the Riverhead branch

by Oct 28, 2015
Hudson City Savings Bank will become M&T Bank this Sunday. So what does that mean for the Riverhead branch?