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Municipal garage

Board approves pay hike for highway superintendent, who will continue to oversee town garage

The town board approved a $20,000 salary increase for Highway Superintendent George Woodson to compensate him for managing the municipal garage this year.

When politics trumps common sense

A town hall saga that has all the clumsy intrigue, confused play-acting, crude politics, and shameful pettiness of a cheap novel.

Police chief to take on oversight of town garage, as split board decides to remove duties from highway superintendent

The town board split on party lines over continuing to have Riverhead Highway Superintendent George Woodson oversee the operations of the town garage, deciding to shift responsibility for that department to the chief of police.

After discussion gets heated, board puts off action on plan to have highway superintendent oversee municipal garage

Town board members agreed to meet with Highway Superintendent George Woodson about an "action plan" for the municipal garage before they agree to a $20,000 pay hike to have him oversee its operations.

Board members debate plan to give highway superintendent $20,000 pay raise to oversee town garage

There was more debate among town board members than comment from the public during a public hearing yesterday on a proposal to increase the salary of the highway superintendent to compensate him for taking on responsibility for managing the town garage.

Town board proposes shifting oversight of town garage to highway superintendent, with a $20,000 pay hike

The town garage would operate under the supervision of highway superintendent George Woodson, who already oversees a garage that maintains and repairs highway department vehicles. The additional compensation proposed by the board requires the adoption of a local law. A hearing is set for March 6 at 2:15 p.m.
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