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Plastic bags

New York’s plastic bag ban to be enforced beginning Monday

by Oct 15, 2020
New York’s plastic bag ban, which went into effect March 1, but remained unenforced due to pending litigation, will be enforced starting Monday.

New York’s plastic bag ban takes effect Sunday

by Feb 28, 2020
A statewide ban on the distribution of plastic-film carryout bags, with limited exceptions, takes effect in New York on March 1. New Yorkers currently consume 23 billion plastic film shopping bags each year.

Cuomo budget to include statewide ban on single-use plastic bags

by Jan 14, 2019
The governor yesterday announced his intention to include the single-use plastic bag ban in his 2019 executive budget.

Governor’s proposed statewide plastic carryout bag ban could torpedo Suffolk’s 5-cent bag fee

by Apr 25, 2018
The bill introduced Monday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo does not include a bag fee and contains language that says it would pre-empt all local ordinances governing plastic bag recycling and fees.

State task force fails to agree on solution to ‘New York’s plastic bag problem’

by Jan 16, 2018
The six-member panel tasked a year ago with devising a statewide plan and developing legislation aimed at reducing the 23 billion plastic bags used annually by consumers in New York State evaluated eight options without making a recommendation. An environmental advocate on the task force issued a dissent from its report.

Plastic, paper bags will cost 5 cents each in Suffolk County starting January 1

by Dec 18, 2017
Suffolk County's new “bring your own bag” law will go into effect starting Jan. 1, 2018, imposing a 5-cent fee on both paper and plastic bags.

Suffolk Closeup Suffolk’s plastic bag law didn’t go far enough to be truly effective

by Sep 16, 2016
The legislature's compromise under industry pressure ensured the plastic bag law won't be as effective as needed to deal with the problem.

Bill imposing 5-cent fee on carryout bags passes Suffolk County Legislature

by Sep 7, 2016
Suffolk County consumers who take their purchases home in single-use plastic bags will have to pay a nickel apiece for the privilege beginning in January 2018.

Suffolk’s plastic bag ban stalls, tabled by health committee for further amendment

by May 5, 2016
The prime sponsor of the plastic bag ban bill says he will rework its provisions to allay concerns of the administration and other legislators, but expects the substance of the bill to remain largely the same.
2013 0519 plastic-bag-in-tree

Suffolk CloseupWhy Suffolk lawmakers should pass the single-use plastic bag ban

by Apr 8, 2016
The adjustment is small. And the stakes—cutting back on this enormous form of toxic debris—are high.