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Public water

Suffolk County Water Authority begins work on eight-mile pipeline through Riverhead to bring water from pine barrens to Southold Town

The Suffolk County Water Authority broke ground this week on an eight-mile pipeline that will traverse eastern Riverhead Town to connect its water supply and distribution system in Southold Town to water sources in the Central Pine Barrens.

Construction on Manorville public water extension in Riverhead Town could begin by year’s end, though funding shortfall remains

Construction of public water mains to serve the southwest corner of Riverhead Town could start by the end of the year, Suffolk County Water Authority officials told residents at a meeting in Manorville last night. But a funding shortfall of $2.8 million remains.

Riverhead lands $5 million in grants to connect homes in Manorville and Calverton to public water

Riverhead has been awarded more than $3.8 million in grant funding for the extension of public water to 64 homes Manorville area, and a separate $1.2 million grant to extend public water to homes on Forge Road in Calverton.

Residents call on governor, state lawmakers to fund public water extension in Manorville

Clean water activist Adrienne Esposito organized a press conference in Manorville today, where residents gathered to demand state officials provide funding for public water in a remote area of Manorville where private wells are contaminated with toxic chemicals.

New York’s tough new drinking water standards may help local residents without access to public water

With standards now in place in New York for "emerging contaminants," the county health department will have to test homeowners' wells for them and homes where wells exceed the new standards will be eligible for special filtration systems.