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State assessments

Feds: Students must take state assessment tests this year, despite pandemic

NYSED will ask Board of Regents to eliminate Regents exams as a requirement for graduation this year & also cancel any Regents exam not required by the U.S. Department of Education.

NYSED says ELA computer-based testing will resume Thursday for grades 5 and 8

Database servers that couldn't handle traffic volume caused disruptions in computer-based testing for state assessments Tuesday, prompting the state to suspend CBT Wednesday.

School superintendent: After ‘focus school’ notice, 43 students transfer from Roanoke and Phillips to Aquebogue

Aquebogue Elementary School will add a new classroom to accommodate the transfers, Superintendent Nancy Carney said today. All class sizes will remain within contractual limits, she said.
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Riverhead’s assessment test scores: disappointing, disheartening, frustrating

With "proficiency" scores on state tests of less than 20 percent in English Language Arts and less than 24 percent in math, Riverhead educators say they're disheartened and frustrated by the tests, which they say don't measure students' actual achievement and growth — and they're worried about the impact of low scores on their students' morale.