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Hoosier 200 Modified Pro Tour stops at Riverhead Raceway

2013 0701 races

It was a warm and muggy night for the “Hoosier 200 Modified Tour Race” here at Riverhead Raceway. The fans were packed in for a great night of racing. Lets get to it:

First Race, 15 car, 30 lap Blunderbust race. Last week’s winner Jack Handley Jr. in the #49 car decided that once is never enough. He would start in the second spot, but by lap 4, Handley Jr. would vault into first. He would have two others on his tail, those being Tommy Walkowiak, in the #00 car, and James White Jr. in the #32 car. There was a incident in lap 5, when Paul Parisi, in the 69x car, hit the wall in turn 1. By lap 19, Jack Handley Jr. would pull away from the pack for good, and grab the checkered square for the victory. It would be his second victory in two weeks. Nice racing Jack !

Second Race, 27 car, 30 lap Legends race. This was a text book race, not a single incident or accident occurred during the race. Richie Davidowitz, in the #25 car, would start in the first position and basically stay there the entire race. Davidowitz was challenged only twice as Justin Strumpf, in the #15, and Paul Dondorico , in the #55 car made there bid to take first. But in the end, Richie Davidowitz would grab the checkers for his first career victory at Riverhead Raceway. Good job, Rich!

Third Race, 28 car, 200 lap “Hoosier 200” Modified Pro Tour race. This was the night of the big guns, from all over the East coast drivers came to strut their stuff. The race would have many lead changes, many accidents, and some hard core racing. At the throw of the green, it would be smooth, but by lap 10, Ted Christopher, in the #3 car spins out, causing a slow down. In lap 29, David Roys, in the #13 car would hit the wall, bringing out the red flag. Ron Silk, in the #6 car, would hold the lead with Ryan Preece, in the #16 car a tight second. By lap 45, Donny Lea, in the #4 car would grab the lead, with Preece second. By lap 80, Donny Lea would run up the side of Ryan Preece’s car in turn 2, giving the lead to John Beatty, in the #14 car. Another red flag would appear in lap 94, as a dozen cars would pile up in turns 1 and 2 . At the restart, Beatty would remain the leader, with Ted Christopher, in the #3 car, a close second. In lap 181, Tom Zeggerty, in the #2 car, would have a sudden front end problem, compounded by a flat, which sent a shower of sparks, and an end to his night as he ended up hitting the wall. More problems arose as Ted Christopher led going to lap 193, but spun out coming out of turn 4, and crashed into the pace car, parked in the infield, with two officials inside. Luckily, no injuries came of the wreck, and this photographer learned he can still make a mad dash for safety when needed. After all was said and done, Ryan Preece, in the #16 car, yelled “Hoosier” daddy, and claim the checkered square in the “Hoosier 200” Modified Race. Great job, Ryan!

Well, race fans, it was another great night of racing, I’m gonna get the dust out of my teeth, put some coolant in the radiator, and grease the axle. Big hello to Wendy at the VIP booth, great job by all officials on hand, Brigandi Bros. towing, excellent job, track services always there to clean up everyone else’s mess. Kevin from “Need for Speed Video” keep up the great work. RiverheadLocal.com, the best! Until next week, gear heads, stay safe and God Bless America. I will see you all very soon… AT THE RACES !!

Be Well,

RiverheadLOCAL photos by George Faella
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