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Opening of addiction treatment and research facility in Calverton now slated for March

The contractors are finishing up the construction and as soon as the certificate of occupancy is issued, Wellbridge will take occupancy and bring its staff to the facility for about 45 days of training, Wellbridge CEO Andrew Drazan said.

Think you’re in control? Think again.

This past week has been a reminder of how much in life is beyond our control.

Ghosted: Being excessed hurts

Ghosting happens in different contexts and situations, but it always hurts.

As the new year dawns, choose to believe in miracles

Will 2020 be a year of miracles? It will be if you choose to see them.

Take time to experience the presence of God

No matter where I am, God is with me. Sometimes I just forget. Days like these remind me.

Divisive times breed a new kind of holiday stress: guest anxiety

How sad that things on both sides of the aisle (or Christmas table), have disintegrated to such a degree that folks are perpetually full of angst.

God is in the waiting

Waiting isn't being passive — a hard lesson learned in the pediatric intensive care unit.

Can we really give thanks in all circumstances? Yes — gratitude is an attitude

Gratitude is an internal disposition of heart and mind that changes our perspective.

Grant me the grace to love myself well

God, grant me the grace to love myself well — so as to love others, To take care of myself so I can care for another, And to let go and remember that you are God and I am not.

Oh, the drama! Why do some people thrive on it?

You know the type. Everything is a crisis. Everything is always all about them.
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