The Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Community Association elected new officers and board members at a packed meeting last night at the Crohan Community Center in Flanders.

Former FRNCA president Ron Fisher was elected to the president’s post again. Sarah Huneault became the youngest board member in the history of the organization; she was elected vice president. Monica Dawson was elected treasurer and Sandy Adams was elected secretary. Paola Zuniga-Tellez, Kathy Kruel and Millie Roth round out the seven-member board.

Fisher stepped down from the organization’s board last year when he filled a vacancy on the Riverhead school board. He said after further research he learned he is not prevented from serving on the board of a nonprofit organization, so he decided to throw his hat in the ring.

Vince Taldone, a former FRNCA president, was elected president to fill the vacancy left by Fisher’s resignation. He said last night he decided to step down off the board but will remain active as a committee chairman and member.

Southampton Town Community Preservation Fund director Mary Wilson addressed the group about the town’s plans to acquire two parcels on Reeves Bay. The town plans to build a catwalk to allow pedestrian access to the bay on that site, known as Conscience Point.

There are a historic house and barn on the property, Wilson said.

CPF money can be used to build the catwalk, but not to maintain the property or operate any facilities there, Wilson said.

Town officials are inspecting the site next week and will soon have a preliminary schematic drawn for the catwalk, she said.

FRNCA president Ron Fisher and board member Paola Zuniga-Tellez unveil the architect’s rendering of the new community center to be built at Ludlam Avenue Park. Photo: Denise Civiletti

The board last night unveiled an architect’s rendering of the building planned for Ludlam Avenue Park that will house the Children’s Museum of the East End.

The town has put the project out to bid in two parts, Fisher said: a 2,000-square-foot main structure and two 1,000-square-foot wings.

“We put together over half a million dollars with grants from the county and the state and the town has helped us with planning. Renaissance Downtown has been crucial and Riverside Rediscovered,” Fisher said. The town has put a tremendous amount of support and effort into the project with planning, engineering and the like, he said.

“We’ll be fundraising for the additional 2,000-square-foot wings once we know how much it’s going to cost,” Fisher said.

The construction budget includes security cameras, he noted.

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