Riverhead Central School District fifth- and sixth-grade students prepared presentations for younger students to culminate the district’s annual ENL summer program. Courtesy photo: Riverhead Central School District

For some school-age students in Riverhead, summer is also an opportunity to strengthen or develop new abilities, something that Riverhead Central School District is trying to foster by boosting students’ skills through their summer extended school year program.

In order to achieve that goal, RCSD runs a series of annual programs at Phillips Avenue School that provides students with an engaging curriculum in different subject areas.

Students grades one through eight are part of a six-week, half-day program where younger students participate in literacy-based lessons to improve their reading and writing abilities, while older students study multiplication, division and reading comprehension in small groups.

Similarly, English as a New Language students in grades K-6, participated in a three-week, half-day program that continued their learning and also bolstered a variety of skills through a thematic program that reinforces concepts in math, science, vocabulary, reading and writing.

This year, fifth- and sixth-grade ENL students hosted an interactive gallery walk for younger students, an event that marked the culmination of the program. Their presentations demonstrated different aspects of the topics the older students had studied, including energy flow in a food chain, locating ecosystems of various animals on a world map, and concepts related to interdependence and erosion.

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Denise Civiletti
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