To the Editor:

When is the last (or first) time a resident can say a town official showed up at their home to address an issue?

In my case, it occurred with Mike Zaleski, the highway department’s deputy superintendent. A cracked and crumbling curb that inadvertently broke loose from a winter of plowing left an unsightly mess near the corner of my house.

I emailed Mr. Zaleski and within days there was a knock on my door and he introduced himself. The problem was solved within days. In 40 years of home ownership I never experienced anything like that.

But I probably shouldn’t have been surprised.

I have called on Mr. Zaleski many times during his tenure, whether it be for road repair, high grass on town-owned properties, broken brush and most recently, a collapsing drain on an adjacent street. We had never met until that day, but I felt like I already knew him.

The highway department is among the most vital entities in any town, one that directly affects the residents year-round during storms, road hazards, signage repair and replacement, etc. I think it’s terrific to have a receptive ear in the office.

I read with great interest in RiverheadLOCAL that Mr. Zaleski is running to replace retiring Superintendent George Woodson. I would urge my fellow residents to strongly support Mr. Zaleski’s candidacy.

I can’t guarantee that he will show up at your house if you have a problem, but you never know.

Steven Marcus
Wading River

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