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New gun shop owner pledges mutual respect, understanding and commitment to community

by Feb 24, 2024
Letter: The owner of JJ Armory, opening soon on West Main Street, says he intends to 'foster a space where diverse perspectives can be expressed and respected.'

Let’s talk about gun stores

by Feb 23, 2024
This town is working hard to build its image and attract more visitors and tourist dollars to help support local businesses. Do gun stores on Main Street add value or risk to that goal?

‘Transparency’ Riverhead style: behind closed doors

by Feb 20, 2024
Letter to the Editor: In Riverhead, there's a systematic exclusion of the community from decisions that reshape their environment.

Riverhead Fire District candidate asks for voters’ support in Tuesday’s election

by Dec 11, 2023
Riverhead Fire District Commissioner candidate Richard Campbell appeals to district voters for support in Dec. 12 election.

Support your local volunteer firefighters: Vote ‘yes’ on length of service proposition Tuesday

by Dec 11, 2023
Riverhead Fire Department Chief Joe Hartmann urges fire district residents to vote yes on proposition to expand the district's length-of-service program. Here's why.

Fire commissioner candidate outlines her qualifications for office

by Dec 10, 2023
Letter: Riverhead Fire District commissioner candidate Kathleen Berezny describes her experience and qualifications for office.

Fire commissioner candidate: ‘I believe I am uniquely qualified’ to serve

by Dec 8, 2023
Riverhead fire commissioner candidate Timothy Murphy outlines his experience and qualifications for the office he seeks in the Dec. 12 election.

All Americans are entitled to a presumption of innocence and due process under the law

by Dec 8, 2023
I hope that this moment, where one of their own is affected, will provide the GOP and Conservative parties a moment of self-reflection on their fear mongering of bail reform. The right to due process shouldn't only apply to the wealthy, powerful, and well-connected.

Sound Avenue traffic is bad enough as it is. Riverhead is about to make it worse.

by Dec 6, 2023
Allowing resorts and spas on the bluffs of Long Island Sound will make a bad situation worse.

‘Shocked’ at low voter turnout, apathy of Riverhead residents

by Nov 11, 2023
I am not so much shocked at the election results as I am at the overall turnout of voters. In a town in excess of 34,000 people only about 8,000 people voted.