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Citing ‘extreme financial burden’ on school district from tax exemptions, RCSD asks the town IDA to voluntarily stop exempting school taxes

by Sep 3, 2023
Citing the loss of more than $15 million in tax revenue over the past decade — $2.7 million in 2022 alone — Riverhead school district officials say 'enough is enough.'

‘Pharaoh is on both sides’

by Sep 1, 2023
Letter: Let’s do our due diligence and challenge each candidate to determine who has the Riverhead African American community’s best interest at heart.

Respect America’s founding principles

by Aug 18, 2023
It is amazing to me that many people who tout the tenets of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution do not seem to have read these documents.

Riverhead must say ‘no’ to an air cargo hub at EPCAL

by Aug 4, 2023
Officials can require the developer to file covenants ensuring that this property will never be used for air cargo. Let's protect our environment and use our industrial land and public dollars to support employers that will benefit local workers. Long Island can have good jobs and clean air.

Riverhead ambulance president: The armory was never a good option for new headquarters

by Jul 31, 2023
Featured letter: Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance Corps Board of Directors: The old state armory was never a good option for a new ambulance headquarters. The Town Board has been very supportive of the ambulance company, its president says.

Don’t complain. Vote.

by Jul 11, 2023
"We can no longer vote party line. We have to vote for the best candidate that will serve our interests, not theirs."

‘And make sure you call me COUNCILMAN!’ —Residents should not be disrespected like this by elected officials, period.

by Jul 5, 2023
Letter: A council member's treatment of a community member who complained that the council member was laughing at something as the resident addressed the Town Board says all we need to know about the board's attitude toward its constituents, Calverton resident Claudette Blanco says.

Riverhead Fire Department chief responds to Aguiar’s disparaging comments about firefighters who rescued elderly women from burning building

by Jun 28, 2023
Open letter to Supervisor Aguiar: "We are disheartened by your recent comments and want to set the record straight," Riverhead Fire Department Chief Joseph Hartmann wrote. "These men knowingly went into a fully engulfed structure without proper protective equipment or concern for their own safety." The chief is demanding an apology.

Williams: I will work hard for the residents of the First Legislative District

by Jun 24, 2023
Statement of Greg Williams, candidate in the June 27 Republican primary for First Legislative District.

The future of our town is in the voters’ hands this November. Pay attention and choose wisely.

by May 12, 2023
Featured letter: Voting party-line this year may very well destroy the make-up of Riverhead. The present council has overwhelmingly been in favor of warehouses and the EPCAL sale.