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Actions speak louder than words

by Jul 19, 2023
Guest column: Sometimes candidates say things they think voters want to hear. But when it comes to decision time, voters can be in for a surprise.

The upcoming election is not about party politics. It’s about preserving our community and quality of life.

by Jun 23, 2023
We need folks running this Town who are responsive to the people who live here. I don't care what party they belong to, just so long as they put Riverhead and its residents first.

What’s the rush? Town Board should table the battery energy storage code adoption

by Apr 4, 2023
Guest column: Once again the Town Board is charging ahead with major zoning changes before adequate vetting and without input from the people of Riverhead. What on earth is the rush?

Planning be damned: Riverhead is developers’ promised land

by Jan 19, 2023
Opinion: Developers are ready to build and our Town Board is in lockstep with them — not the people of Riverhead.

In Riverhead, a study in dysfunctional governance

by Nov 27, 2022
Guest column: The Nov. 17 work session was a stark illustration of this Town Board's inability to responsibly govern, writes Kathleen McGraw of Northville. The board’s decisions on a moratorium ignore sound legal advice and set the town up for lawsuits by developers.

What’s the point of updating the comp plan if runaway massive development can continue while the plan is being written?

by Aug 26, 2022
The town must hit the pause button on all development while it finishes the comprehensive plan update begun in January 2020. The delay in its completion has allowed too many massive developments to move forward under outdated land use rules.

Town government is seriously broken

by Jul 28, 2021
"The appearance of open, deliberative government can be deceiving. Listen to Supervisor Aguiar and you would think she and the town board have always welcomed and continue to welcome input from the public. Take the time to watch a town board meeting on Channel 22 or try to participate in a town board meeting and you will quickly understand that is not the case." Guest column by Kathleen McGraw

It’s time to open up Town Hall again

by May 10, 2021
The town supervisor must stop hiding behind COVID and open up Town Hall on May 19. Guest column by Kathleen McGraw of Northville

Walter’s ‘hush-hush’ approach on Luminati deal should be raising red flags

by Jun 9, 2017
There are too many unanswered questions about the big land deal at the Calverton Enterprise Park.