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Advanced septic systems

Republican county legislators block November referendum on 1/8% sales tax hike to fund advanced septic systems and sewer expansion

by Aug 1, 2023
Republican legislators voiced numerous reasons for their opposition to moving forward with the news 1/% sales tax, with the strongest objections centered on what they called an unfair allocation of the new tax revenues to sewers versus advanced septic systems.

Taking aim at nitrogen, state lawmakers advance Suffolk sales tax hike to fund water quality projects

by Mar 21, 2023
State legislators passed budget resolutions last week that would establish a countywide wastewater management district in Suffolk and authorize a 1/8% county sales tax to fund water quality improvement projects to reduce nitrogen discharges to groundwater from septic systems.

New water quality fund and 1/8-cent sales tax hike eyed to address nitrogen pollution in Suffolk

by Feb 21, 2023
An extension of the Drinking Water Protection Program to 2060, with a 1/8-penny sales tax increase would provide $3.1 billion to reduce nitrogen pollution by funding replacement of conventional cesspools/septic systems with advanced onsite treatment systems.

IRS reverses its prior ruling that septic improvement grants to homeowners are taxable income

by Dec 2, 2022
The IRS has reversed its 2020 ruling that Suffolk's Septic Improvement Program grants were gross income for federal tax purposes. The new ruling will boost the installation of nitrogen-reducing septic systems, helping to protect local waterways and marine life.

Federal infrastructure funding of $2.25 million will help L.I. homeowners install nitrogen-reducing septic systems, Hochul announces

by Nov 28, 2022
The funding will provide financial assistance to homeowners for the replacement of cesspools with advanced septic systems that remove nitrogen from household septic wastes.

IRS says Suffolk’s septic grants are taxable income to homeowners

by Feb 12, 2020
In response to a request from Suffolk County Comptroller John Kennedy, the IRS issued a ruling that homeowners who have received grant funding to install advanced septic systems must pay federal income tax on the grant money.

County executive schedules town hall meetings to talk about ‘Reclaim Our Water’ initiative

by Apr 24, 2017
County officials will speak about County Executive Steve Bellone's proposed grant/low-interest loan program to help homeowners with the cost of installing advanced septic systems.

County announces grant and low-interest loan programs to help homeowners install advanced septic systems

by Mar 31, 2017
The grant-loan program aims to provide incentives for homeowners to upgrade from septic systems that pollute groundwater.

Suffolk Closeup Thiele introduces measure that would help fund advanced septic sytems

by Mar 11, 2017
Like the legislation sought by County Executive Steve Bellone last year, State Assemblyman Fred Thiele's proposal would create a fund with a $1-per-thousand water surcharge for public water customers. The fund would help homeowners install costly advanced septic systems.

Residential advanced on-site septic systems are now ready for installation

by Mar 2, 2017
What happens after you flush the toilet? County officials want you to think about that — because what happens after you flush directly affects both the quality of your drinking water and the health of the waterways surrounding our island.