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From North Fork classrooms to Kenya: Riverhead tech start-up, Brady Rymer will stream concert to schools across globe

After connecting students from dozens of schools around the world, a Riverhead tech start-up will bring a special piece of the North Fork straight to their classrooms this week with a live-streaming concert by Brady Rymer.

Riverhead tech startup connects classrooms around the world for global Earth Day pen pal project

A connection between two classrooms in Southold and Bulgaria was made possible through Buncee, a Riverhead tech start-up that is now being used in more than 10,000 classrooms around the world.

Riverhead tech start-up used by thousands of teachers all over the world

Buncee, a web-based app for curating and creating interactive content, has enamored educators worldwide, nearly tripling its user base in the past year.
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