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Celia Marszal-Iannelli

From Jack LaLanne to the local gym: pursuing health, fighting gravity

The TV fitness guru promised you would "look better, feel better and live longer.” So far, so good.

Know — and take care of — yourself

When we think of loss, we usually associate it with the death of a loved one. And, yes, the loss of a...

Time away makes home even more special

A three-week vacation to Italy made columnist Celia Marszal-Iannelli appreciate home even more.

The value — and limits — of a backup plan

When you work 'in the cloud' you really need to keep a copy of everything on your computer, right? And who would leave home without a backup bag packed with just-in-case necessities?

Gifts from the heart are always the right size and color

Gifts given from a warm hand and a warm heart are always appreciated.

Finding peace this Christmas: Let’s focus what unites us, not what divides us

The lyrics of a carol from the poem "Christmas Bells," written on Christmas Day in 1863 by Henry Wadsworth snaps everything into perspective: “Then pealed the bells loud and deep; God is not dead, nor doth he sleep. The wrong shall fail, the right prevail. With peace on earth, goodwill to men.”

My big fat Italian Thanksgiving

This year, I will celebrate the gift of family by embracing my Italian tradition

Don’t take that grenade for anyone

It's not easy to recognize when you are in an abusive relationship — and even harder to leave one.

The slang you use will date you

Whether you realize it or not, the slang you use says a lot about how old you are.

Eat this, don’t eat that — wait, never mind

Nutritional studies are right...until they aren't. What are we supposed to believe when studies about butter, red meat, coffee, eggs and more are turned upside down years after they're first accepted?