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Celia Marszal-Iannelli

Puppy love: When it happens to older folks, what will the ‘kids’ think?

by May 13, 2018
A senior parent dating after a divorce or death of their spouse isn't always easy for their adult children to handle.

Score one for Facebook: BFFs reunited

by Apr 15, 2018
A Facebook friend request leads to a reunion of best friends after decades of separation.

Technology: good, bad — and ugly

by Mar 11, 2018
Technology is a part of almost everyone's daily life and it can be a boon unless it turns against you — which it can suddenly and unexpectedly do. Then it's a lot more of a bust.

A stranger in my own place

by Feb 10, 2018
I’ve been serving on this altar for many years, and yet, the Padre had to prompt me. I felt off-kilter in a place and situation that under different circumstances I was comfortable and familiar with. I felt like a stranger.

Up and at ’em — move it or lose it

by Jan 13, 2018
Exercise your way to more energy, reduce stress and maybe lose a few of those additional holiday pounds that have stuck around.

Could the ‘love challenge’ make your holidays happier?

by Dec 9, 2017
Who hasn't seen some new challenge appear on a social media platform nearly every week? I'm proposing a new one — the 'love challenge". I challenge you to put a little love in your heart this Christmas season. And who knows? It may go viral!