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Chuck Schumer

Schumer calls on FEMA for $6.5 million in funding for Peconic Bay Medical Center’s emergency preparedness

The Riverhead-based hospital provides critical care and refuge to the East End region during storm-related emergencies and needs additional generators and structural fortification to ensure its capabilities, U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer said.

Multi-trailer 84-foot-long trucks could be coming to local roads, thanks to federal bill

Multi-trailer trucks up to 84 feet long would be allowed on roads in the federal national highway system network, which includes parts of Sound Avenue, Route 58 and Route 25.

Schumer: Proposed USDA funding cuts will jeopardize fight against ‘worst outbreak of bird flu in a generation’

The current H5N2 avian influenza outbreak in the U.S.has killed more than 48 million birds — taking so far 10 percent of all egg-laying hens in the U.S. since first detected in December. Egg supplies have dropped and prices are skyrocketing.

Federal ‘Fluke Fairness Act’ would correct inequitable treatment of L.I. anglers: Schumer, Zeldin

“Fluke Fairness Act” would reform the current system that governs fluke regulation by creating a regional approach for updating quotas based on sound geographic, scientific and economic data, the legislators said yesterday.

Consumers be warned: Hacked cameras’ live streams posted on Russian website show risk of ‘smart’ TVs, Schumer says

  If you bought a new ‘smart’ TV, webcam or baby monitor during Black Friday weekend, be sure to change the device’s default password or...