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Diversity equity and inclusion

‘Equity in Education Plan’ adopted by Riverhead school board

The Riverhead Board of Education adopted an ”Equity in Education Plan” at its board meeting last week aimed at implementing the state’s diversity, equity and inclusion framework within the district. 

School district task force discusses next steps for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts

The Riverhead Central School District is moving forward with the creation of an equity plan to drive the Board of Education’s future initiatives on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Current push for ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ deserves a critical look

"It seems to me that CRT has morphed into Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Lots of word salad which avoids speaking of Americanism, academics, meritocracy and hard work, but speaks of excuses, blame, shaming, bigotry and racism for student failure. It fits the current political narrative." Guest column by Catherine Wheeler.