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Gun shops

Residents urge board to act on firearms code

by Aug 2, 2022
In an open letter to the Town Board, Riverhead civic associations and residents urge action on the proposed firearms code and seek creation of a firearms advisory committee to work on it.

The Town Board must reckon with firearm business zoning

by Jul 20, 2022
Opinion: Gun shops and firing ranges should not be treated the same as any other type of business for zoning purposes, and the Riverhead Town Board needs to act to close the major gap in our town’s code that fails to distinguish between a gun shop and a toy shop. 

Three hearings on controversial topics are on the Riverhead Town Board’s agenda Tuesday night

by Jun 20, 2022
The town board will hear public comments on three proposed changes to the Riverhead Town Code at Tuesday night's meeting. All three involve topics that have sparked controversy in the local community: gun shops & shooting ranges; drive-through windows in Wading River; and food waste-to-energy facilities.

Riverhead Town moves to restrict and regulate firearm businesses, sets June 21 public hearing

by Jun 8, 2022
The locations and operations of firearm businesses in the Town of Riverhead would be limited and regulated under new legislation being considered by the Town Board.

Elton St. firearms hearing tabled, intent for retail gun sales had not been disclosed & application to be amended, planner says;...

by Jun 3, 2022
Riverhead planner Greg Bergman said the planning department and planning board had not been initially aware that the applicant, Niosi Firearms, planned the retail sale of firearms at the 680 Elton Street site. The application will have to be amended, he said.

Hearing set on site plan and change of use for former Truetech building, where shooting range and gun sales are planned

by May 31, 2022
The Riverhead Planning Board will hear from the public Thursday on a proposed site plan and change-of-use application for the former Truetech building, which is set to house a firearms facility, HVAC supply warehouse and distribution operation, and offices.

Riverhead should enact a moratorium on new gun shops and shooting ranges until town clearly addresses these uses in its...

by May 29, 2022
Guest column: Riverhead should enact a moratorium on new gun shops and shooting ranges until it completes the work of enacting legislation to define these uses and spell out where, when and how, if at all, such businesses should be allowed in our town.

Riverhead considering ban on firearms businesses downtown

by May 29, 2022
Riverhead Town is moving forward with a code amendment that would exclude gun shops from the Main Street business district and require town board special permits for gun shops, with minimum distances from certain other land uses.