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Hate speech

Riverhead asks FBI to investigate racist hate mail sent to former school superintendent

Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar said yesterday she has referred the racist hate mail received by the former Riverhead school superintendent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Former Riverhead school supt. was targeted in racist hate mail before she quit post in June

In the week before former Riverhead school superintendent Dr. Aurelia Henriquez unexpectedly resigned her position in June, she received three notes containing racial and ethnic slurs and warning her “resign or you will suffer.”

‘White lives matter’ flyers distributed in Calverton urge people to ‘take a stand’

Residents in a Calverton neighborhood woke up today to find flyers in their driveways proclaiming "White Lives Matter," urging them to "take a stand" and signed with an email address containing the known white supremacist numeric symbol 1488.