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James Burke

Was L.I. serial killer investigation stymied in coverup by corrupt Suffolk cop and DA? We need a special prosecutor to probe...

No matter who they were — no matter what their past — no one deserves to die as the Gilgo victims did. No family should suffer all these years without closure. It's time for an independent probe into how this investigation was handled in a county where two top law enforcement officials were convicted of corruption and obstruction.

Waiting for what’s next: squirming, finger-pointing after county police chief’s plea deal with federal prosecutors

Accusations, I-told-you-sos, and demands for resignations followed the plea deal by Suffolk's ex-chief of police James Burke.
2013 0815 sex offender plan burke

Ex-Suffolk police chief arrested for assaulting prisoner and obstructing federal investigation, feds say

Former Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke is accused of beating a handcuffed man in an interrogation room and then pressuring detectives who witnessed the assault to cover up the event.