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L.I. Sound

We destroyed the L.I. Sound in 50 years: an eyewitness account

The waters of the L.I. Sound were teeming with marine life in the 1950s and '60s. Today, it's a sewer of huge dead zones, thanks to chemical pollution, garbage, sewage and road runoff.

Zeldin tapped to co-chair bipartisan Congressional L.I. Sound Caucus

Rep. Lee Zeldin has been named co-chairperson of the Congressional Long Island Sound Caucus, and pledged to use his new post to advance the protection and preservation of the national estuary.

New York State will sue to block dredge dumping in eastern Long Island Sound

New York State will sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to block designation of the eastern Long Island Sound as a permanent disposal site for dredged materials.

Police recover bodies of two men off Shoreham beach this morning

The bodies of the two young men who were swept out into the Long Island Sound by strong currents in Wading River yesterday were found this morning near the Shoreham power plant.

Cuomo: New York will take legal action to block EPA L.I. Sound dredge dumping rule

New York State will take legal action against the United States Environmental Protection Agency to prevent the designation of new permanent open water disposal sites off the coast of eastern Long Island, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today at a press conference at Sunken Meadow State Park.

Hearing on L.I. Sound open water dumping set for Sept. 16 in Riverhead

Two additional public hearings, including one in Riverhead, have been scheduled on federal plans concerning the disposal of dredged materials in the Long Island Sound.

Feds extend comment period on dredged material plan for L.I. Sound

The deadline for written comments on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Dredged Material Management Plan has been extended to 60 days, Rep. Lee...

Elected officials blast federal plan to continue open water dumping of dredged materials in L.I. Sound

Millions of cubic yards of dredged materials would continue to be dumped in open water pits in L.I. Sound over the next 30 years under plan released yesterday by Army Corps of Engineers.

Plan for open-water dumping of dredge spoil in L.I. Sound deserves more scrutiny, Legis. Al Krupski says

One month to review and comment on a plan 10 years in the making for dredge spoil disposal in and around L.I. Sound is not enough, Legis. Al Krupski says.