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Reckoning with the woman in the mirror

by May 14, 2023
Looking straight ahead, I noticed a woman walking toward me. At first glance she looked familiar, on second glance, I froze in my tracks. As the woman continued to walk toward me, I met her gaze and saw the confusion that crossed her features. Then it hit me:  I was looking at a mirror image of myself. Astounded, I realized I looked like my mom.  

From her baby’s first breath, motherhood is a lifelong journey into the unknown

by May 14, 2023
Motherhood for a child with disabilities is more than a lifelong vocation; it’s a daily call to love that stretches your heart beyond imagining.

Laurie Nigro Confessions of a socially oblivious mom

by Oct 30, 2016
I owe the world an apology. I had no idea that there are actual mom social constructs that I am expected to follow.

Motherhood will break your heart and mold it into something more

by May 10, 2015
Motherhood is anything but sterile and perfect. It is full of life and death, joys and sorrows, smiles and tears. Motherhood will break your heart and mold it into something more.

It’s Sunday morning — Get your own breakfast, baby birds!

by Jan 18, 2015
They're 10 and 13. By now, they should know how to peel a banana, bite an apple, maybe even scramble an egg. Their morning greeting: "What's for breakfast?"

Transformer Mom: from June Cleaver to Roseanne Barr at the speed of whine

by Nov 2, 2014
One minute, you're channeling June Cleaver, rejoicing in domestic bliss. Then the whining begins and the next thing you know, you've been possessed by Roseanne.

Rediscovering the ‘me’ within: caffeine mandatory

by Oct 19, 2014
After more than a dozen years as someone's mom, it's time to make time for myself. The trick is being able to stay up late enough.