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When you can’t find hope, hope finds you

Hope is much more than wishful thinking or threadbare optimism.

Freedom and independence in a morning ‘cup of joe’

We declare respect for human life and liberty when we protect and support others in their independent pursuits of happiness — wherever they find them — whether moving through the community in a wheelchair or telling their stories in front of crowds of people or in that first cup of coffee made with unsteady hands.

In the end, love wins

I see two things very clearly: We are all too quick to judge. And we all need to take more time to love.

The struggle — and hope — of starting over

Everyone gets a chance to start over in little and big things in life. It’s hard for sure. These times are often called setbacks. I prefer to see these times as opportunities for new growth.

Stillness in the midst of chaos

Stillness is hard work. It’s a battle of the mind and the soul.

A Mother’s Day reflection

To my fellow “medical mamas” the ones I know and the ones whose eyes I meet while walking through the hospital halls — I wish you endless strength today.

Immerse the world in the ocean of mercy

The Divine Mercy devotion started with a nun in Poland

With faith, we can celebrate life — even in death

To celebrate life, we must also face grief and death- but with hope.

Learning to take life one day at a time

If you ask parents of kids with disabilities what they fear the most, many — if not all — would say, “the future.” It is the future that keeps us lying awake at night. The future is only as far as our worries take us.

Mute the distractions and embrace the sound of silence

The first few days were a little hard. I had to delete apps to keep my focus and reduce the temptation to check in on my social media accounts.
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