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Life On Purpose

My hope for life: One woman’s personal story of pregnancy and motherhood

Column by Eileen Benthal: The debates over abortion are not about whether we are pregnant with human life. The debate is about when we decide this human life is a person with rights protected under the law and whose rights —  the mother’s right to choose or the child’s right to life — takes precedence. 

Learning to ‘bee patient’— an important life lesson

Beekeeping teaches the value of being patient.

Freedom comes with responsibilities

The Lord promises the Spirit brings freedom and heaven answers our prayers with a question, “Why are you standing there looking at the sky?” Who is freedom for if not for the living? 

The soothing — yes, soothing — sound of my rooster’s morning call

There are lessons to be learned in the garden and even in the backyard chicken coop. While some may not appreciate being awakened by a crowing rooster at dawn, we all can relate to the struggle of finding our own voice and speaking up for another’s good will. 

It’s a beautiful life

It is possible to find contentment in life in any circumstances — happy or sad, easy or hard;  isolated or surrounded by family and friends. The secret is finding contentment within us rather than around us.

The egg: a symbol of life and redemption for Christians and Jews in this holy season

Living one’s life focused on a cure for disease can actually take away from living the life we are trying so desperately to prolong.

Spring advice: Take your time and bloom

As we all scramble to make up for time lost to the pandemic, give yourself permission to slow down and take care of yourself.

Awareness for the natural part of the human experience we label ‘disability’

There are two weeks left to National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, but we all have a lifetime to get to know people with disabilities.

Praying and fasting for peace

Pope Francis’ call to fast and pray rang like a clarion in the midst of the clamoring sounds of war.

How does one measure hope?

How can we measure something that extends beyond the realms of this world?