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Life On Purpose

Grief observed: a very personal experience shared by all humanity

In between the loss and the remembrances of our eternal hope is this holy space we call grief.

In one woman, the embodiment of mercy, faith and victory

Eileen Benthal reflects on a friend's unwavering faith, exceptional compassion and ultimate victory in God's love.

Pandemic gave home worship new meaning

After the COVID pandemic shut down churches last year during Lent, churches and worshippers turned to online services. It was a lifeline for many.

Seek the heart and soul within

Whatever way families and others connect with people with developmental disabilities and brain injury, it’s important to remember they are people with hearts and souls, gifts and dreams.

COVID vaccine is a shot of hope for all, especially the medically fragile

The more research I did, the more I realized while it was important for my husband and me to get the vaccine, it was most important for my daughter to be vaccinated.

A simple, profound truth about love

It's hard to love someone else when we don't know love ourselves.

In all things, charity

What is the essence of "unity" and how can we achieve it amidst deep division?

Be still and find peace in chaos

There is something to taking the time to pray just before dawn. As the darkness yields to the light, the Spirit illuminates my mind, heart, and soul — giving me strength for the day.

There is light in the darkness of a strange, dark year

A reflection on Christmas during the pandemic, from the vantage point of a NYC hospital room.

What are you waiting for?

Reflections on waiting: the season of Advent in the time of the pandemic.