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Life On Purpose

Bloom where you’re planted

May this summer be a time of new growth and beauty for all of us to bloom — wherever our lives are planted.

How to defeat racism? Respect human life.

To confront racism we need to get at the root of the problem: a basic lack of respect for human life.

Sowing seeds in hope of victory

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, more people are growing gardens than at any time in recent history — reminiscent of the "Victory Gardens" of World War I and World War II. But it's about more than food supply insecurity.
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There can be peace and joy even when coping with a pandemic

In these troubled times, find something you are grateful for and choose joy!

Let’s celebrate — and encourage — moms, especially now

You are the heart of your home — even if your children have long moved away and have children of their own. It is your lap, your voice, your smile that deep down is the home of every adult and child you have nurtured into life.

Adjusting to ‘the new normal’

Our new normal: Things are slower and we're reconnecting with each other, with our home and with nature.

Easter Sunday: the divine reset

The stories of Passover and Holy Week link together to reach beyond the pain and suffering of this life, to seek an eternal hope. Why do we “celebrate” the plight of Israel and the death of Jesus? Because in the end, God rewrote the stories with hope.

Heroes and hope in a pandemic

Don’t let COVID-19 bury your talents or steal your hope.

With coronavirus, the reality for those in the vulnerable 20% is very different

As the mother of a medically fragile child with a compromised immune system, Eileen Benthal had to make some hard decisions early on. She implores others to be considerate of people in the 20% of the population for whom COVID-19 is especially serious, even deadly.

Rare indeed: the hidden gifts of belonging to a club no parent wants to join

Rare Disease Day is celebrated on the last day of February as a way to increase awareness and advocacy for those who fight rare diseases every day of their life.
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