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Life On Purpose

Finding serenity, even amidst the uncertainty and fear of a pandemic

Navigating the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic with a medically fragile daughter at high risk for serious illness if infected by the coronavirus underscores the wisdom of the Serenity Prayer.
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We need to celebrate a little Christmas all year long

On the Feast of Epiphany, Eileen Benthal reflects on why, especially during these pandemic times, we need a little Christmas all year long.

A season of joy — and grief

The grief and the joy of Christmas coincide in the same way life and death are with us every day.

This Christmas season, it’s more important than ever to light up the darkness

Early in 2021, we put the last of the Christmas decorations away. I remember holding our Christmas-themed face masks and thinking, “Well, we won’t need these next Christmas. But they sure are cute.”

A holiday with bittersweet memories, but one common thread: gratitude

Eileen Benthal reflects on a lifetime of Thanksgiving holidays and understanding the meaning of gratitude.

Embracing life’s journey as a caregiver, in times of grief and joy

Experienced caregivers will tell you that there is a lot to grieve —the life we imagined our loved ones would live, a loss of independence, health, and normal life expectancy. But there is even more joy.

Taking stock, gaining perspective on all the seasons of life

ast, but we can allow it to inform our perspective on today and help us to plan for tomorrow.

Then life got small, and it was good

Sometimes we think we need to accomplish more and great things to live a purposeful life. I used to think so too until I came to realize that most times, less is more. 

‘Let go and let God’ — sage advice that’s hard to follow

Letting go and letting God has been a recurrent theme in my life for a very long time — maybe even as long as I can remember.

Slow down and enjoy where you are — it’s right where you ought to be

It is a gift to be simple and free, to wake up and breathe the morning air and discover that where we are now is exactly where we ought to be.