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Life On Purpose

When small things can change the world

by Feb 18, 2024
Mother Teresa taught us: “Small things done with great love will change the world.” 

A New Year’s resolution revisited: Let go and begin again — but remember to rest in between.

by Jun 25, 2023
Every 'letting go' needs to be followed by rest in order to discern how to begin again.

From her baby’s first breath, motherhood is a lifelong journey into the unknown

by May 14, 2023
Motherhood for a child with disabilities is more than a lifelong vocation; it’s a daily call to love that stretches your heart beyond imagining.

March is an ‘awareness month’ that hits home

by Mar 26, 2023
Most parents of children with disabilities think they are prepared to face the challenges ahead because the ones we’ve already faced help to strengthen our knowledge and resolve. But life is full of surprises — and lessons to be learned.

Miracles on the field

by Feb 19, 2023
If praying for miracles is the future direction for ESPN and the NFL, I might just become a fan. 

A new year beckons: Begin again

by Jan 1, 2023
When life — the sorrows, the joys and the crazy — upend my plans for a better year, then I will return to my primary resolve. And begin again.

Have the perfect Christmas.  Let go of plans for how things should be and enjoy how they are.

by Dec 18, 2022
Column: All that’s done is done and what is undone can wait for another day and season. This season is the time to let go so I can hold on to the gifts of those present around me who mean the most. 

An attitude of gratitude is life-changing

by Nov 27, 2022
These last two years of celebrating "Friendsgiving" with our special friends has taught me more about being grateful in all circumstances.

Caregiving changes with time and age, and the need for support grows even stronger

by Nov 13, 2022
New column by Eileen Benthal: Caregiving is more than a role we assume to take care of our family members; it's a calling to embrace compassion and grow in discovering a future full of hope. If you are a caregiver, you are not alone. 

‘Awareness’ is the first step toward compassion

by Sep 25, 2022
If we follow the idea behind these awareness campaigns and remember that we don’t necessarily know another’s pain, so be patient and respectful, many lives could be helped by our kindness.