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Pet stores

State ban on pet sales by retail stores is signed into law by governor, will take effect in 2024

by Dec 15, 2022
A ban on the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits by retail pet stores will take effect in 2024 in New York State under a bill signed into law today by Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Second lawsuit filed over Riverhead’s pet dealer law

by Nov 13, 2021
The owner of Puppy Experience in Aquebogue and the pet dealers advocacy group People United to Protect Pet Integrity have jointly filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate Riverhead Town's local law banning the sale by pet stores of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits.

Sportsman’s Kennels sues to block Riverhead’s pet dealers law

by Nov 10, 2021
Sportsman’s Kennels in Manorville has sued the Town of Riverhead, challenging the validity of the town’s new pet dealer law. A second lawsuit is coming: An attorney for a pet dealers advocacy group said the group would be filing its own lawsuit in the next few days.

Riverhead adopts pet store restrictions in unanimous vote

by Oct 6, 2021
A ban on the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits in Riverhead Town was unanimously adopted by the town board on Tuesday, to the celebration of animal rights advocates and to the ire of one pet store owner in attendance.

Riverhead holds hearing on bill aimed at puppy mills

by Sep 9, 2021
The town board heard comments Wednesday on a proposal to ban pet stores from selling commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits.

Public hearing on pet sale restrictions set for Sept. 8

by Aug 18, 2021
The Riverhead Town Board yesterday voted unanimously to set a public hearing on town code changes to ban the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats — and now, rabbits.

Riverhead looks to ban sale of commercially bred dogs and cats by pet stores

by Jul 29, 2021
Stores offering dogs and cats for sale will be required to prove the animals came from animal shelters, animal control agencies, humane societies or nonprofit rescue groups registered with the state.