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Pine barrens

Ten years later: A look back at the wildfire that scorched more than 1,100 acres in Manorville, Ridge and Calverton

by Apr 9, 2022
Today marks the 10th anniversary of a wildfire that burned more than 1,100 acres of Pine Barrens in Manorville, Ridge and Calverton. The fire, later ruled to have been intentionally set, burned for more than 24 hours.

Firefighters battle large brush fire in Pine Barrens preserve

by May 16, 2021
Firefighters from several area departments, including Riverhead, Flanders and Wading River, are fighting a large brush fire in the Manorville Pine Barrens Sunday evening.

Information sought on five fires in Pine Barrens since mid-April

by May 14, 2020
The fires burned 167 acres of Pine Barrens in Brookhaven and Riverhead towns over the past month, according to the State DEC.

L.I. needs tough water consumption limits, a regional conservation plan and access to the Pine Barrens aquifer

by Aug 19, 2018
Long Island urgently needs to get serious about water conservation, with tough regulations limiting consumption and a regional plan to tap into the water resources of the Pine Barrens. Column by Greg Blass

As groundwater quality crisis worsens, it’s time to tap Pine Barrens water reserve

by Mar 16, 2017
Ever since the undeveloped acres in the Pine Barrens started to be bought up with a specially dedicated, quarter-cent sales tax-funded bonding in 1987, the intention was as a future, rainy day kind of water resource. That rainy day is here — in spades.

Environmental regulators continue investigation into MTBE contamination in the Manorville Pine Barrens

by Jan 27, 2017
Environmental regulators continue to investigate the MTBE contamination of drinking water wells in the Manorville pine barrens. They have not yet determined the source or extent of the contamination.

Investigation continues into MTBE groundwater contamination in Pine Barrens; three wells affected so far

by Dec 22, 2016
The source and extent of the contamination remains unknown. The state DEC is "aggressively" investigating as health officials continue to test water samples taken from the two dozen wells in the area of Oakwood Drive in Manorville, in the Pine Barrens core preservation area.

Water contamination in Pine Barrens neighborhood prompts county health department, state investigations

by Dec 15, 2016
High levels of a gasoline additive were found in the well water of a Manorville home, prompting a state investigation to find where the contaminant came from and if it is affecting other homes in the neighborhood that also depend on well water.

L.I. Pine Barrens Society takes complaint about pine barrens commission to state attorney general

by Jun 24, 2015
The members of the state pine barrens commission need to be reminded of their statutory obligations, according to L.I. Pine Barrens Society executive director Richard Amper.

Online petition asks Gov. Cuomo, County Exec Bellone to ‘clear the fire lanes’ in Flanders pine barrens

by Apr 20, 2015
A petition at asks Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone to clear the fire lanes in Flanders pine barrens, to allow firefighters access to fight wildfires on the 11,000 acres of publicly owned preserved land.