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A redrawn NY-01 would have solid Democratic majority under new map before state lawmakers

by Feb 1, 2022
A new proposal for congressional redistricting now before the New York State Legislature would give NY-01 a solid Democratic majority — flipping it from a district that was +4 Trump to one that would have been +11 Biden in 2020.

Bellone vetoes Democrats’ redistricting plan

by Jan 27, 2022
Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone has vetoed the controversial redistricting plan adopted by Democratic legislators on Dec. 31, just before they lost majority control of the county legislature.

Yes, this redistricting plan is a ‘naked power grab’ by county Dems

by Dec 29, 2021
We’ve watched, at first with bewilderment, and then with outrage, the ongoing efforts of the county legislature’s Democratic caucus to redraw district...

Democratic legislators intent on moving forward with Suffolk redistricting plan on their last day in power

by Dec 29, 2021
After winning another stay in the Appellate Division, Suffolk County Democrats will try one last time to adopt their bitterly contested legislative redistricting plan at a special meeting of the county legislature on Friday — the last day the party will have majority control of the legislature.

Court order halts Suffolk Democrats’ reapportionment plan

by Dec 22, 2021
Suffolk Democrats' legislative reapportionment plans hit a wall, as a State Supreme Court judge yesterday granted Republicans' request for an injunction.

New county legislator for Flanders-Riverside area under bitterly disputed county redistricting plan

by Dec 14, 2021
Residents of Flanders, Riverside and Northampton will find themselves in a new county legislative district next year, if a redistricting plan being advanced by the legislature’s current majority caucus wins final approval. Republicans in the legislature have sued to block the Democrats' effort, which they call a last-minute power grab before a new Republican majority takes control in January.