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Riverhead Industrial Development Agency

Riverhead IDA board member lashes out at school district’s lawyer during public hearing

by Nov 17, 2023
The tension that’s been building between the Riverhead school district and Riverhead Industrial Development Agency over property tax exemptions was on full display at Monday’s RIDA meeting, where one RIDA board member lashed out at the school district, accusing it of hating subsidized housing and failing to control its own budget.

Riverhead IDA’s broken processes make for bad decisions

by Nov 3, 2023
Riverhead IDA watchdog and former board member Larry Simms discusses the agency's decision-making processes, which he argues lead to many bad decisions.

An Objective Look at the Riverhead IDA

by Nov 2, 2023
Former Riverhead IDA Board member Larry Simms in a series of three essays discusses the IDA's projects, processes and impacts.

After months of protests and a night of drama, residents express relief and joy at Riverhead IDA’s decision to deny EPCAL...

by Oct 24, 2023
They had come bearing paper signs to convey their message the IDA board, not knowing what the outcome would be. By the time the IDA meeting was over Monday night, jubilant residents celebrated what many saw as a hard-fought victory.

Riverhead IDA scheduled to take up resolution Monday on Triple Five’s plans for Calverton

by Oct 21, 2023
The Riverhead IDA is scheduled to take up a resolution Monday evening deciding Calverton Aviation & Technology's financial capability to develop the Calverton Enterprise Park— a decision crucial to how Riverhead's $40 million land deal proceeds — or whether it proceeds at all.

As school funding runs dry, Riverhead residents call to shut down economic development org

by Oct 13, 2023
A growing local faction is demanding that the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency be dissolved.

IDA action on Triple Five request for tax breaks without firm development plan is ‘improper,’ ‘inappropriate’ & ‘irresponsible,’ senators say

by Sep 20, 2023
CAT has backed away from its air cargo proposal for EPCAL and now says its development plan is in flux. The IDA's review of CAT's application for tax breaks in the absence of a firm plan is improper, the chairperson of the State Senate's government watchdog committee said. First District Sen. Anthony Palumbo, a member of that committee, agreed.

Citing ‘extreme financial burden’ on school district from tax exemptions, RCSD asks the town IDA to voluntarily stop exempting school taxes

by Sep 3, 2023
Citing the loss of more than $15 million in tax revenue over the past decade — $2.7 million in 2022 alone — Riverhead school district officials say 'enough is enough.'

New objections, questions from town supervisor and community raised about town’s chosen ‘path forward’ on $40 million Calverton land deal

by Aug 30, 2023
Supervisor Yvette Aguiar raised concerns last week about when the town would receive the balance of its $40 million for land at the Calverton Enterprise Park, if the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency moves the town's deal with Calverton Aviation and Technology forward.

Teachers, school district officials and state lawmakers take a stand against IDA school tax exemptions

by Aug 24, 2023
According to data reported by the Riverhead IDA to the state comptroller, net school property tax exemptions granted by the IDA in the decade from 2013 to 2022 totaled more than $15 million.