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Riverhead Industrial Development Agency

Riverhead IDA’s law firm represented Triple Five subsidiary in connection with American Dream mall

Riverhead IDA’s legal counsel, charged with the due diligence review of Calverton Aviation and Technology’s application for IDA benefits, has represented a Triple Five subsidiary in connection with its American Dream mall in New Jersey.

Developer of proposed propane facility on Kroemer Ave withdraws IDA application after failure to capture enhanced benefits

The developer of a proposed wholesale propane facility and industrial office building on Kroemer Avenue has withdrawn its Riverhead Industrial Development Agency application for financial assistance and will likely downsize its project, after the IDA previously declined to grant the developer’s requested 10-year, 100% enhanced real property tax abatement.

Air cargo logistics hub in Calverton planned by Triple Five affiliate to enhance package delivery services on Long Island

The Calverton Enterprise Park will fill the need for a regional air cargo logistics hub on Long Island, representatives of Calverton Agency & Technology told the Riverhead IDA in a presentation last night.

Riverhead supervisor denies town’s IDA grants property tax abatements: ‘As they build, they pay taxes,’ Aguiar tells civic group

In response to a resident's question during a civic association meeting Saturday, Supervisor Yvette Aguiar told a downtown civic group that the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency does not grant property tax abatements. New developments are taxes as construction is completed, she said.

Calverton Aviation & Technology IDA benefits application for development at EPCAL site is released

The joint IDA benefits application of Calverton Aviation & Technology and the Riverhead Community Development Agency for the development of the Calverton Enterprise Park has been made public by the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency.

Riverhead IDA postpones action on Kroemer Avenue propane facility, readies for review of expected Triple Five affiliate’s application

The Riverhead IDA postponed action on a Kroemer Avenue propane facility after Fisher Organization manager Ray Dickhoff asked the IDA to reconsider its decision to grant a 50% property tax abatement rather than the 100% abatement the applicant sought.

Riverhead IDA considers enhanced benefits for Kroemer Avenue propane plant and industrial building

The developer of a wholesale propane distribution facility and an industrial building on the south end of Kroemer Avenue is seeking 100% property tax abatements for 10 years.

Riverhead IDA approves financial assistance for $19.6 million project in Railroad Avenue revitalization area

The Riverhead Industrial Development Agency yesterday approved financial assistance for the developer of a 37-unit apartment building with street-level offices to be built at the corner of Osborn Avenue and Court Street.

Four businesses, including restaurants and ‘selfie studio,’ planned for Riverview Lofts

Four would-to-be tenants for the ground floor space of Riverview Lofts presented their businesses to the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency, including a “selfie studio," a Mexican restaurant, a new ice cream shop with a Mexican flair and a fitness studio.

Town board approves transfer of 2,100 acres in Calverton Enterprise Park to Riverhead IDA

The Riverhead Town Board today approved transfer of the town’s land holdings inside the Calverton Enterprise Park to the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency, pursuant to an agreement reached between the town and its contract vendee, Triple Five affiliate Calverton Aviation and Technology.