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Section 189

Suffolk judge rules in favor of Oak Hills community in ‘private roads’ dispute with Riverhead Town

by Jan 10, 2023
In a decision filed yesterday, a State Supreme Court judge for Suffolk County ruled that roads in the Oak Hills community were made public highways by Town Board resolution in 2015, and that obligates the town highway superintendent to provide services due all public highways as required by State Highway Law.

Baiting Hollow community sues to require town to maintain and repair its roads

by Sep 21, 2016
An ongoing dispute between a Baiting Hollow community and the Riverhead highway superintendent over responsibility for maintaining roads in the community has made its way to court.
2013 0210 ambulance stuck

Town board approves expanded list of ‘section 189’ roads for snow-clearing

by Aug 7, 2015
But the town's attempt to limit responsibility to snow-clearing violates state law, which requires the town to make the roads 'public highways', according to the Oak Hills Association, which says it has consulted legal counsel and is contemplating going to court.