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Solar energy

Riverhead adopts moratorium on new commercial solar applications

A 12-month moratorium on commercial solar energy applications in the Town of Riverhead was approved by the town board last night. Though the vote was unanimous, the subject remained contentious.

Riverhead airs revised moratorium on solar energy production

A new proposal for a moratorium on solar energy production systems in Calverton may be voted on at the next town board meeting.

Proposed solar moratorium resurfaces at Riverhead Town Hall

Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar has asked the town board to again consider a moratorium on new solar projects in the town pending the completion of the comprehensive plan update.

State approves 36 MW solar facility on 275 acres in Calverton

The state today issued a final siting permit for a 36-megawatt solar facility in Calverton, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced this morning.It was one of the first two renewable energy projects to be approved by the new Office of Renewable Energy Siting, created last year to streamline review and approval of renewable energy applications.

Fourth large solar energy facility in Calverton clears major hurdle

The Riverhead Planning Board last night granted preliminary site plan approval to the proposed Calverton Solar Energy Center, a 22.9 megawatt commercial solar energy production facility to be built on approximately 198 acres off Edwards Avenue in Calverton.

NextEra solar project hits a roadblock as planning board rejects proposed site plan

The Riverhead Planning Board in a split vote yesterday rejected the site plan for a 22.9 MW commercial solar facility on 198 acres off Edwards Avenue. But the proposal is by no means dead. It is a permitted use on the site under a special permit granted by the town board in December and the applicant is expected to discuss site plan revisions with the planning department.

Town Board set to vote on special permit for new commercial solar facility in Calverton

The approval of a new 22.9 megawatt solar energy facility on 198 acres in Calverton is on the town board’s agenda tomorrow.

‘Climate leadership’ act signed into law as governor announces contracts for 1,700 MW of wind energy production off Long Island coast

New York's new climate law requires the state to achieve a carbon-free electricity system by 2040 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions 85 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

Town will see nearly $1.5 million in deal with solar power company

sPower will pay Riverhead Town a $1.05 million community benefit fee and a $450,000 easement fee, in addition to an annual payment in lieu of taxes that will start at $460,000 in year one and increase each year for 15 years.