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Suicide prevention

Riverhead students chalk messages of kindness and love at high school on ‘P.S. I Love You Day’

by Feb 10, 2024
Students and staff at Riverhead High School donned purple and adorned school grounds with messages of support and love Friday during the school’s annual 'P.S. I Love You Day' event.

State budget cuts jeopardize youth mental health services on North Fork, even as COVID-19 pandemic increases need

by Feb 16, 2021
Youth mental health services are needed now more than ever, say state legislators who are pushing to re-establish funding for the North Fork Mental Health Coalition, which was cut from the state budget in 2020. S

‘P.S. I Love You Day’ focuses kids on kindness, positivity and love

by Feb 15, 2020
Kids throughout the Riverhead school district wore purple and spread positive messages in the hope of stopping bullying and preventing suicide.

Hundreds turn out for suicide-prevention walk in downtown Riverhead

by Oct 1, 2018
“We are committed to bringing mental health awareness and suicide prevention training to Long Island schools, colleges, universities, community groups, and local corporations." The Long Island chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention raised over $30,000 with its first East End walk in Riverhead yesterday.

LaValle: Funding to establish North Fork coalition for youth mental health services included in state budget

by Apr 8, 2018
Funding of $175,000 for a newly established coalition will ensure that a plan is in place to immediately support young people in a time of crisis, and build a local support network equipped to deliver immediate, affordable follow up services, Sen. Ken LaValle said.

Why it’s important to talk to your teen about suicide: advice from an expert

by Mar 8, 2017
Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people aged 15 to 24. Kids need to feel safe talking to parents or other adults about the issue. It's important to ask, listen and take them seriously, according to the director of Response of Suffolk County, which runs a 24/7 crisis hotline.