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Air quality advisory caused by Canadian wildfires extended to midnight Friday

by Jun 29, 2023
The air quality health advisory put in effect on Wednesday for New York State has been extended through midnight tomorrow, the state Department of Environmental Conservation announced this afternoon.

Air quality alert extended to 11:59 p.m. Thursday due to smoke from Canadian wildfires

by Jun 28, 2023
An air quality health advisory is in effect in all regions of New York State through 11:59 p.m. Thursday due to smoke from wildfires burning in Canada.

Ten years later: A look back at the wildfire that scorched more than 1,100 acres in Manorville, Ridge and Calverton

by Apr 9, 2022
Today marks the 10th anniversary of a wildfire that burned more than 1,100 acres of Pine Barrens in Manorville, Ridge and Calverton. The fire, later ruled to have been intentionally set, burned for more than 24 hours.
2014 0424 red flag wildfire 2012 file

Fire danger: Red flag warning issued for Long Island, tristate area due to increased wildfire risk Tuesday

by Apr 19, 2016
Weather conditions today will be ideal for fire combustion and rapid fire spread, according to the National Weather Service.

Local fire chiefs: Condition of county-owned lands damaged trucks, risked lives during Flanders wildfire Saturday

by Apr 13, 2015
Fire chiefs angry with government land stewards over condition of preserved land. Video shows struggles of volunteer firefighters battling a wildfire in Flanders Saturday, where dead, downed trees on the county-owned preserve damaged three brush trucks, one of which had to be towed out of the woods.

Vols’ quick response credited with stopping wildfire in Flanders pine barrens despite high winds, dead trees

by Apr 11, 2015
Firefighters were able to contain a wildfire in the Flanders pine barrens this afternoon, despite strong, gusty winds and downed dead trees on the forest floor. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO FROM THE SCENE.

Three years after wildfire ripped through pine barrens in Manorville, Flanders fire chiefs worry and wait

by Apr 9, 2015
Hundreds of homes are tucked into 11,000 acres of preserved pine barrens in the Flanders Fire District, where a lack of maintenance by the government entities that own the woodlands has created a dangerous situation, according to Flanders Fire Chief Joe Petit.