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Yolanda Thompson

Yolanda Thompson Q&A

by May 17, 2021
In their own words: Q&A with school board candidate Yolanda Thompson.

Should former candidates Thompson and Fischer be appointed to fill two school board vacancies? Residents speak out

by Jul 7, 2017
Yolanda Thompson and Greg Fischer finished fourth and fifth in the five-way race for three school board seats in May. With two unexpected vacancies to be fill, should the board appoint them to the open spots? There was animated discussion of the topic at last night's meeting.

Angry parents, board members clash over school district transparency issues

by Sep 21, 2016
Angry words flew at the Board of Education meeting last night over the question of how much salary and other information should be provided to the public about employee salaries and credentials when the board is acting on personnel resolutions.

No high school ‘shooting threat’ ever existed, police and school board say, but angry parents push back

by Jan 27, 2016
“There was no threat made toward the school,” Riverhead Police Captain Richard Smith said in an interview today. “There were no shooting plans mentioned, nothing like that.”