Aquebogue Elementary School Principal Phil Kent was visited by Keri Stromski's kindergarten class, who shared with him what they had learned about apples that day in class.

Aquebogue Elementary School teacher Keri Stromski’s class recently dedicated a whole day to apples!

Johnny Appleseed, born September 26, 1774 was a skilled nurseryman who grew trees and supplied apple seeds to the pioneers in the mid-western USA. Fast forward to September 2014 and the roads to the East End of Long Island are jammed with apple pickers on the weekends.

The apple season is upon us and Stromski’s kindergarten class took advantage of the time of the year to use apples as a lead-in to inquiry and learning.

The class dissected apples, counted seeds, discussed the life cycle of an apple, had taste tests with red vs green apples as well as cider vs juice, engineered apple structures using chunks and toothpicks, and conducted other science experiments.

Stromski shared, “We read books, poems, sang songs, compared the weight of an apple to objects in the room using a scale and made applesauce. Students also hypothesized, ‘Will an apple sink or float?’ as well as discussed mass and water displacement.”

Source: Press release issued by Riverhead Central School District, October 6.

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