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Brian Nigro


Fishing Report Proposed state law could impose serious restrictions on local fishermen

A bill pending in the State Legislature could impose significant restrictions on fishing in Plum Gut, the Sluiceway and part of the Race.

Fishing Report Fishing is too good to do anything else

Bass, fluke, jumbo porgies — an abundance in local waters.

Fishing Report Local waters teeming with big bass and porgies

All the reports coming in from area captains follow the same tune: big porgies, boat-limit, lights-out fishing, and big bass out in the rips (to 40+ pounds).

Fishing ReportJumbo scup aplenty in the bays

The bite was all day long, but towards the end of the day the wind turned south and picked up. This was like a dinner bell for porgies.

Fishing Report Porgy fishing bounces back, stripers plentiful in the bays, bass in the creeks

What's biting and where in local waters? The inside scoop from Brian Nigro in this week's Fishing Report.

Fishing report: Fast start for the 2016 fishing season

Brian Nigro was terrified in March when he saw the river fill with bunker. "It was either a good omen for the coming season, or the end times were upon us."

Fishing report: Tautog is king

Most, if not all, North Fork boats have switched over to blackfish at this point. When conditions are right, captains will toggle between sea bass and tog.

Fishing report: blackfish and sea bass abound, but stripers absent

Local captains are focusing on blackfish and sea bass. Striped bass are noticeably absent at a time that would usually represent one of the...

Fall fishing in full swing

There is finally a slight chill in the air. It feels like fall. The trees are starting to show us their colors. This is the time to get out for some smash-up fall fishing.

Hurricane Joaquin makes fishing rough

High winds and storm heave have hampered fishing efforts this week. This is unfortunate because blackfish season just started on October 5