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American Health Care Act

Zeldin: Health care act amendment is ‘a jackpot of mandate relief’ for Suffolk

by Mar 22, 2017
Rep. Lee Zeldin said today the proposed shift of responsibility for Medicaid funding from the county to the state "single-handily flips Suffolk County's recurring massive nine figure budget deficits into budget surpluses."

Please fix what’s broken about health care, but don’t break what’s not: an open letter to my congressman

by Mar 22, 2017
Do we really want all Americans to have access to health care — effective, affordable health care? When people can’t afford to buy it on their own, should the rest of us pay? Is health care a right? Or is it privilege?

Zeldin supportive but noncommittal on the GOP health care bill

by Mar 17, 2017
Rep. Lee Zeldin, an outspoken critic of the Affordable Care Act, which he has called a "disaster," discusses the American Health Care Act in a RiverheadLOCAL interview.