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Andrew Cuomo

Governor orders state investigation into ‘failed storm response’ by utilities

The large volume of outages and the utilities' failure to communicate with customers in real time proves they did not live up to their legal obligations,” the governor said.

New York adds Delaware, Kansas and Oklahoma to two-week quarantine order

Travelers from Delaware, Kansas and Oklahoma are now required to self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving in New York, bringing the total number of states in New York’s COVID-19 travel advisory to 19.

Governor sets July 28 school budget revote date

The governor's executive order scheduling the July 28 revote date was issued Friday evening on a holiday weekend and gives school districts until Tuesday to mail out postcard notices of the election and budget hearing date to all residents

‘Storm clouds on the horizon:’ With ongoing national surge, travelers from other states will bring the coronavirus to New York, governor...

“You’re going to have more and more people coming here with the virus. It’s going to happen," Cuomo said today. What happens next is up to residents and local governments.

New York imposes quarantine on anyone traveling from COVID hotspots, including Florida, Carolinas and Texas

The state will impose a quarantine on states with spiking coronavirus infections, including New York residents traveling back home.

Governor issues COVID compliance warning to Hamptons and Manhattan

The state has had 25,000 complaints about businesses — predominantly bars and restaurants, Cuomo said — failing to follow social distancing and face covering rules. Manhattan and the Hamptons are leading the state in violation reports, the governor said during a press conference today.

Cuomo accelerates reopening plans as the coronavirus pandemic recedes

As new infections and hospitalizations in New York fall to the lowest levels since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, state officials are easing restrictions and accelerating reopening for some businesses and activities.

New York will open state beaches next Friday – with restrictions

New York will open its beaches for Memorial Day Weekend, Cuomo said today, with new rules restricting the number of visitors and requiring social distancing.

Long Island moves closer to limited reopening, while some upstate regions ready to begin Friday

Long Island still does not currently meet the state's requirements for reopening by Friday's expiration of New York's stay-at-home orders, but it is far closer to meeting them than it was last week.

Schools, colleges will stay closed through end of school year in New York State

All schools in New York State, including K-12 schools and colleges, will remain closed through the end of the academic year, Gov....