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Andrew Cuomo

State health department ‘misled the public’ on nursing home deaths

by Mar 16, 2022
The State Health Department conformed its presentation of data and information to Cuomo's 'narrative,' concealing deaths of 4,100 nursing home residents as governor came under increased scrutiny, a State Comptroller's audit finds.

A defiant Cuomo announces resignation

by Aug 10, 2021
Cuomo’s spectacular fall from grace ended a decades-long career in politics and elected office for the brash New York City born and bred lawyer and son of a former governor.

East End state legislators demand Cuomo resign or be impeached

by Aug 4, 2021
East End state legislators quickly joined the chorus of elected officials calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign or be impeached after N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James released a report concluding that the governor is a serial sexual harasser and created a toxic work environment.

NY state will not mandate masks, but local governments ‘should seriously consider the CDC guidance,’ Cuomo says

by Jul 28, 2021
Gov. Andrew Cuomo today left the door open for future state action, but he said policy-making responsibility rests with local governments and school districts in areas of substantial virus transmission to decide whether to implement the revised CDC guidance.

NY’s state of emergency to end, Cuomo says, citing ‘dramatic progress’ against COVID-19

by Jun 24, 2021
New Yorkers are "getting back on track and starting to live life once again," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said yesterday, as he announced the COVID-19 emergency order, set to expire at midnight June 24, would not be renewed.

Assembly to begin impeachment investigation into Cuomo

by Mar 11, 2021
The New York State Assembly will begin an impeachment investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie announced said he authorized the Assembly Judiciary Committee to begin the investigation into allegations of misconduct.

Legislature votes to restrict governor’s emergency powers

by Mar 6, 2021
Republican lawmakers blasted Democratic majority, charging the bill passed this week does not nearly go far enough to 'rein in' Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Zeldin for governor? County GOP chairman looks to draft congressman for statehouse run in ’22

by Feb 27, 2021
Suffolk County Republican Chairman Jesse Garcia wants to draft Rep. Lee Zeldin to run for governor next year. Garcia says the four-term congressman is weighing his options.

Local elected officials call for investigations into alleged obstruction of justice and cover-up by Cuomo administration on nursing home deaths

by Feb 13, 2021
New revelations that the state withheld nursing home death data because officials feared a federal investigation sparked outrage among local elected officials and renewed calls for investigations and stripping the governor of his emergency powers.

Has NY given up on trying to control COVID?

by Jan 9, 2021
The man with all the answers last spring has become a man watching a frog slowly cook to death in a pot of water that's being gradually heated to boiling — and doing nothing much to turn down the heat. The best he can come up with is “Hey, I warned you.”