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Bunker fish kill

State DEC investigating fish kill in Peconic River

by Nov 9, 2020
Large schools of Atlantic Menhaden, known as bunker fish, are aggregating in the Peconic River in downtown Riverhead and east to the CR 105 bridge and Meeting House Creek. Low dissolved oxygen levels in the river are causing a die-off.

Peconic River is turning brown with dense ‘mahogany tide,’ algal bloom blamed in last year’s massive bunker fish kills

by May 11, 2016
Mahogany tide, responsible for last year’s historic bunker fish kills, is back in the Peconic River this spring, already matching last year's record levels despite cool water temperatures, and turning local waterways a murky reddish-brown.

To avoid another massive fish kill in the Peconic, limits on bunker fishing lifted in New York after town supe’s request

by May 5, 2016
With unusually large numbers of bunker fish appearing in the Peconic River this spring, commercial fishermen will be allowed to net bunker in an effort to prevent the massive bunker kills seen last year, thanks to a ruling announced today by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.
2012 0624 cardboard action 2

Riverhead’s cardboard boat races postponed due to massive fish kills, Peconic River’s poor water quality

by Jun 19, 2015
Riverhead's popular cardboard boat races, held in the Peconic River each June have bene postponed to Aug. 23, due to the recent massive fish kills and resulting poor water quality, which prompted an advisory from county health officials yesterday.

County health officials issue Peconic River recreation advisory

by Jun 18, 2015
In the wake of the two massive bunker kills that left tens of thousands of dead fish floating on local waterways and amassing on...

Walter: Bunker cleanup effort nets more than 10,000 pounds of dead fish

by Jun 17, 2015
Contractors removed more than 10,000 pounds of dead bunker fish from downtown waters today, Supervisor Sean Walter said this afternoon.

Officials plan steps to remove rotting fish, hoping for help from Mother Nature

by Jun 1, 2015
As complaints begin to flow in about the tide of dead fish washing ashore on Flanders Bay beaches, local officials are making plans to remove at least the biggest piles of fish carcasses from local beaches, including the county park.

Fishy stench hangs over deserted Flanders Bay beaches as dead bunker continue to wash ashore

by May 31, 2015
Dead bunker continue to wash ashore on the beaches of Flanders Bay in Riverhead and are now appearing east of there, along Peconic Bay...

As thousands of dead bunker wash ashore, Riverhead seeks fishermen with siene nets to help avoid ‘major’ kill

by May 29, 2015
Town hopes fishermen with drag net capabilities can remove live bait fish from the bay before they all die off because oxygen levels in the water are too low to sustain life.