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State lawmakers pass bill to ban use of purse seine nets for taking Menhaden

With the recent resurgence of the Menhaden fishery in Atlantic waters, the State Legislature last week passed a bill to prohibit the taking of Menhaden by purse seine nets, to prevent depletion of the species.

Despite millions of bunker fish in Peconic Estuary, town hopes haul of 25,000 lbs. a day will prevent another massive kill

Commercial fisherman have already landed at least 350,000 pounds of menhaden in the waters of the Peconic River, which Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter hopes will prevent a bunker "bottleneck" and another massive die-off this spring.

Peconic River is turning brown with dense ‘mahogany tide,’ algal bloom blamed in last year’s massive bunker fish kills

Mahogany tide, responsible for last year’s historic bunker fish kills, is back in the Peconic River this spring, already matching last year's record levels despite cool water temperatures, and turning local waterways a murky reddish-brown.

To avoid another massive fish kill in the Peconic, limits on bunker fishing lifted in New York after town supe’s request

With unusually large numbers of bunker fish appearing in the Peconic River this spring, commercial fishermen will be allowed to net bunker in an effort to prevent the massive bunker kills seen last year, thanks to a ruling announced today by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.

Nearly a month early, bunker appearing in large numbers in Peconic River

Almost a year after the major fish kills in the Peconic Estuary last summer, bunker fish are being seen in large numbers in the river almost a month earlier than usual this spring.