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Calverton Aviation and Technology

The Great Grumman Giveaway II

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the “Great Grumman Giveaway” election campaign of Republicans running for town board in 1999 on the platform that the Democratic majority in office had sold off the town’s most valuable asset for a song.

Buyer in Calverton land deal sketches out vision of ‘Silicon Valley of the east’

"We are looking to transform the economy of the East End and one day this region could be recognized as the Silicon Valley of the east. It's a big goal, but it starts with a first step." Chris Kent, attorney for Calverton Aviation and Technology, laid out the company's vision for the Calverton Enterprise Park in general terms at Thursday's town board work session.

What to do about EPCAL? Town board meets with special counsel for advice

Representatives from Calverton Aviation and Technology will make a public presentation to the town board at its Aug. 1 work session, following the town board's closed-door meeting with its special counsel this morning to discuss its rights under the contract of sale with CAT, an affiliate of Triple Five Group.

Riverhead’s stewardship of the EPCAL site spins further out of control

One thing is clear: the public wasn't supposed to see the detailed maps, plans and drawings submitted to the DEC by Triple Five. What do they really tell us?

Triple Five maps show 10 million sq. ft. of development along both EPCAL runways

The document, obtained through a Freedom of Information Law request to the State DEC, shows "an initial layout" and "a work in progress," according to the developer’s representatives.

EPCAL subdivision gains preliminary approval from planning board

An eight-lot subdivision that will allow the Town of Riverhead Community Development Agency to sell 1,644 acres of vacant land at the Calverton Enterprise Park gained preliminary approval today from the Riverhead Planning Board.

Town hires new special counsel for advice in EPCAL sale

Riverhead officials moved ahead on the much-debated appointment of a new outside counsel to advise the town on its rights under the EPCAL contract of sale.

Riverhead to gain $1.05 million in ‘community benefit’ funding from solar energy producer

The funds are earmarked for agriculture and open space protection, environmental protection, health and welfare and education/employment.

Town board will take up measure hiring new outside counsel for advice on EPCAL contract

After a month-long delay, a resolution hiring a new law firm to advise the town on the status of its contract with Calverton Aviation and Technology will be back on the agenda next week.

EPCAL contract of sale finalized

Calverton Aviation and Technology has given Riverhead Town notice of its intention to proceed to closing.
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