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Celia Iannelli

To thine own self be true

When I was a teen trying to impress a guy by being someone I wasn't, my father gave be sage advice that would become my truth.

Celia Iannelli The gift of time is the most precious resource of all

Say what you want to say, do what you want to do because waiting for the “perfect time” can easily morph into a lost opportunity.

Celia Iannelli: Way-way-way too much information— parsing the popularity of ‘Trash TV’

Trash TV features bleeped profanity, tales of lurid trysts and regular on-camera fistfights. Why do people go on these talk shows — and why do we watch them?

Celia Iannelli: Just when you think you’re in, you’re out

Sinatra sang, "You're riding high in April, shot down in May" when he performed That's Life. Celia has the answer if that happens to you.

Celia Iannelli: Life’s paradoxical ‘lost and found’

We humans possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. It's all whether we recognize the happiness we have while we are living it.

Celia Iannelli Choose to light a candle to chase away the dark

Worry takes you into the dark and steals the joy from your life.

Celia Iannelli We may have come a long way since then — but baby we’ve still got a long way to...

The glass ceiling has been cracked but not broken. Women have made great strides toward equality, but we're not there yet.

Looking back on the ‘headlines’ of life

Recalling memories of moments great and small makes us realize that's the "stuff" of life.

Celia Iannelli In today’s world more than ever before, the only thing certain is uncertainty

Celia reflects on uncertainty - the one constant in life of which we can all be certain.