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Celia Iannelli

Celia IannelliCounter the Christmas checklist frenzy – make a conscious choice of goodwill to all

As the lists of "must-do's" get longer and time gets shorter, we can so easily forget that this is the season of goodwill to all.

Celia IannelliIs blind loyalty all its cracked up to be? A post-election reflection

Folks should walk away from anyone who treats them badly, but that doesn’t mean they will. Misguided loyalty? Who knows. Unhealthy? Absolutely, positively, yes!

Celia IannelliReality TV: not even close to the triumphs over the ‘really-real world’ troubles of life

When you tune into the TV series Survivor or any other reality series, I ask you to recall the times when ordinary folk such as yourself were challenged to the max. We live in a really-real world—and a million bucks aside, there are no “lone survivors.”

Celia Iannelli Why you have to own your own life

I earned the title: “Queen of my Life” and I don’t intend on giving up my crown any time soon!

Celia IannelliMembership in a club no one wants to join

Surviving the death of a spouse is an exercise in endurance with side trips of denial, anger, guilt, loneliness and a wide variety of other emotions. But it does eventually get better when acceptance of the loss allows life to resume despite the new paradigm.

Celia IannelliMusic rewinds the clock back to the 70s

All it takes is the right lyrics or a favorite chord progression and music can transport us back in time to another era.

Celia IannelliWho fills out documents in long-hand anymore? An exercise in stupid.

Dealing with everyday problems can make you crazy if you let it happen.

Reflections on enduring love

Enduring love is a complex and ever-changing state.

Celia Iannelli You play, you pay: Cheaters get caught

Our choices in life have real-life ramifications that — sooner or later — catch up with us.

Celia Iannelli Making life plans? Keep that eraser handy!

The only thing we can bank on is the here and now. Our lives are happening right this very moment—all we need to do is step into it.