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CPF debt

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State legislation brings Riverhead reprieve on land preservation debt repayment

by Apr 5, 2016
Thanks to a state law passed with the budget package last week, Riverhead will be able to refinance its land preservation debt, extending its repayment period and lowering its annual payments — avoiding a hefty town tax increase.

Treacherous waters: aboard the good ship Riverhead during the perfect storm

by Jul 9, 2015
With EPCAL redevelopment still more vision than reality and cash reserves running out, Riverhead Town faces a budget gap it won't plug without major tax hikes, layoffs or both. For real. Tough decisions must be made during a heated local election season by a board that hasn't even adopted a budget for four of the past five fiscal years.

Help from state on CPF debt refinance won’t come easy, if at all

by Mar 26, 2015
The assistance Supervisor Sean Walter has been hoping to get from a state financing authority to refinance Riverhead's staggering CPF bond debt is far from guaranteed.