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Drinking water protection

‘Green amendment’ passed with overwhelming voter support, but its impacts remain uncertain

New Yorkers will have a constitutional right to “clean air and water, and a healthful environment” at the start of the new year, but what will that mean as a practical matter?

County should protect drinking water by using sewer stabilization fund to construct sewers

The county can use the sewer stabilization fund to protect groundwater quality by constructing new sewers. Guest column by former county executive Steve Levy

‘Callous and tone deaf’: Bellone blasts Amper and environmental groups over plan to divert Drinking Water Protection Program funds

Should sales tax revenues set aside for Suffolk’s environmental protection programs be diverted to help plug a huge — and growing — hole...

Proposals to divert sales tax revenue from environmental funds to plug county budget gap may go to voters in November

County Executive Steve Bellone is proposing to use Suffolk County drinking water protection program funds over the next three years to help plug a "catastrophic" gap in the county budget and stabilize county property taxes. If the measures gain legislative approval, they will be on the ballot in November for voters to decide.

Cuomo announces proposal for $2 billion to protect drinking water

The drinking water protection funds would provide, among other things, money for advanced wastewater treatment systems to address nitrogen loading on Long Island.