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When push came to shove, the Town Board punted. Riverhead IDA should send Triple Five right back to the Town...

by Jul 17, 2023
EPCAL Watch coordinator Rex Farr, in an open letter to the Riverhead IDA, urges the agency to send the Triple Five plan back to the Town Board for decision, because the application for IDA benefits is premature.

Discussion of potential air cargo hub in Calverton draws another crowd to civic meeting

by May 19, 2023
Last night more than 100 people — 92 in person and 20 via Zoom — attended a Greater Calverton Cvic Association meeting to hear a presentation by EPCAL Watch on plans being advanced by Triple Five Group for a cargo logistics hub development at the enterprise park.

Civic coalition brings concerns about Calverton drag racing events to State DEC

by Jun 23, 2021
The EPCAL Watch Coalition wrote to DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos to ask the state environmental watchdog to step in to make sure the drag racing events won't endanger the groundwater aquifer or protected grassland habitats. Of particular concern, the group said, is a solvent-based resin to be used to enhance traction on the runway for drag racing.

Drag race promoter says town permit allows 4,000 people per event, but runway agreement limits attendance to 1,100

by Jun 17, 2021
Some town board members expressed confidence that everything will work out fine, despite apparent conflicting terms of permit and runway agreement.“We always can stop it on a moment's notice if it's not what we agreed to,” Councilman Tim Hubbard said.

Better late than never? Riverhead makes delayed referral to county planners of its own subdivision map — which the town already...

by Jul 20, 2020
The timing is unusual, in that the referral to the planning commission would typically have been made prior to the town planning board granting preliminary approval for the subdivision of land at the Calverton Enterprise Park.

Opponents of EPCAL sale press town board to pull the plug on the deal

by Jun 2, 2020
Opponents of the EPCAL land deal with an affiliate of Triple Five group urged the town board to cancel its contract..

Coalition calls on town officials to pull the plug on Triple Five land deal

by May 20, 2020
A coalition of citizens, civic groups and environmental organizations is calling on town officials to pull the plug on a $40 million...

COVID-19 should not diminish our democracy but should terminate the EPCAL deal

by Apr 14, 2020
We need an open and live discussion by board members with town residents about the EPCAL deal, including of potential termination next month. Any inclination by some board members to move ahead behind windows shaded by our health crisis must be resisted.